My Photography & Art Journey

I have always enjoyed taking photos but my photography Journey really began when I met my Husband Robert in 2007 and moved to his farm in 2008 and began recording our life on the farm with photography. I only had a Canon Powershot camera but I managed to take some awesome photos especially on our travels to various countries.

Robert gave me a Canon 70D for Christmas in 2015 which allowed me to be a bit more creative. We went to Alaska in Mid 2016 and I met like mined photographers who opened up the possibility of shooting in Raw and in Manual mode.

I produced some Photo books of our travels which lead to learning photoshop.

Unfortunately Robert was diagnosed with prostrate cancer in late 2016 So my camera and computer were put in the cupboard. After his death in 2018 I was complete lost and suffered depression and anxiety.

To shut out the constant videos going through my mind I immersed myself into learning how to use my camera, Photoshop and Lightroom through many and varied tutorials on my computer.

This was my purpose to start my life again. I have since attended a few workshops and now have the confidence to travel again met new friends and record my new life. I have upgraded my camera to Canon 5D mark 4 and acquired a couple of new lenses.

Towards the end of 2019 I enrolled in an art course called Elevate your Art run by Michelle Parsley from Tennessee - where I learnt how to transform a photo into a Masterpiece using hand rendered mixed media art.

Thanks to Robert for my first real DSLR and his belief in me to pursue my creative aspirations.... My Journey continues

Marie Helyar